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La SAS Fitizzy au capital variable ( Capital effectif : 91 400€ ) est immatriculée au RCS Lille Métropole sous le numéro 793 628 678. Elle est domiciliée au 165 avenue de Bretagne à Euratechnologies. La SAS Fitizzy met à disposition des utilisateurs un site web à l'adresse www.fitizzy.com.

These terms of use can be modified at any time without noticing the users. The terms of use in effect are those appearing in the section "Terms & Conditions" of the website.

These terms of use establish a contract between the SAS Fitizzy (hereinafter Fitizzy) and the user.

Before using the services of www.fitizzy.com, the user declares to be over eighteen, to have the legal capacity or if he is minor, to have the consent of the parent or tutor, to take part in the site. Concerning this last category of users, Fitizzy may be led to organize protection and restriction systems for the website.


The contract: all of the obligations and the rights are the responsability of Fitizzy and the user, as part of the access and the use, of the services of this website.

the user: an Internet user who connects to the Fitizzy website


Fitizzy is a free shopping assistant for users, created to assist them during the purchase of ready-to-wear clothes and accessories. Once the product is selected, Fitizzy helps the user in choosing the size that will fit him best.

Fitizzy also works like a social network and allows a user to access, under some conditions, to data of persons who have granted them this access so that they can communicate, recommend a product or buy a product for this person without any mistakes.

How can I benefit from Fitizzy's services?

L'utilisateur doit être âgé de plus de dix-huit ans, avoir la capacité juridique ou s'il est mineur, avoir une autorisation des titulaires de l'autorité parentale pour participer au présent site. L'utilisateur doit être une personne physique et déclare ne pas agir dans le cadre d'une activité commerciale.

L'utilisateur crée un compte soit directement sur le site Fitizzy.com soit via Facebook, Google - marques déposées en donnant dans un premier temps les informations demandées (nom, prénom, adresse courriel, date de naissance, sexe). Un courriel comportant un lien d'activation du compte lui est envoyé, à l'adresse qu'il aura indiquée.

Fitizzy uses all the means needed to insure the confidentiality of the connection data of the user mainly thanks to an encryption system. However, in the case where a malicious person would have succeeded in stealing these connection data, Fitizzy will not assume the responsability. The same applies when an unwarranted use of the connection data, which owner has the responsability to keep them confidential, will be done by lack of caution by this latter.

En cas de perte ou d'usurpation du mot de passe, l'utilisateur devra en informer Fitizzy à l'adresse suivante contact@fitizzy.com. Fitizzy enverra, par courriel, un lien d'activation permettant de créer de nouvelles données de connexion.

In a second time, and in order to complete his registration and his profile, information will be asked regarding his body measurements. It is up to the user to fill in or not the form. However, to allow an optimal use of Fitizzy services, it is in the user's interests to give as much information as possible. The user is helped in this process thanks to instructional videos and texts, created with ready-to-wear and morphological experts.

Ces données sont, par principe, considérées comme confidentielles. Il appartiendra à l'utilisateur de les porter ou non à la connaissance de ses proches dans les conditions définies ci-dessous.

By creating his account, the user accepts these general conditions and to respect the terms & conditions.

Create a group of friends

The user will have the possibility to create several groups of friends

Le contenu de ces sous-groupes est confidentiel et aucun proche ne pourra connaître le sous-groupe auquel il appartient.

The user will decide for each of his subgroups the data to which all the members of this subgroup will have access to.

L'utilisateur décidera pour chacun de ses sous-groupes les données auxquelles l'intégralité des membres du sous-groupe aura accès.

The user will also have the possibility to import contact from other social networks such as Twitter, Facebook...

How do I use Fitizzy's services?

once his registration has been confirmed, the user can benefit from all Fitizzy's services.

Either the user is on Fitizzy's website, then he has to double-click on the chosen partner's logo. He will then be redirected to the partner's webite.

Soit l'utilisateur est déjà sur un site partenaire (dont la liste figure sur le site Fitizzy.com) et souhaite bénéficier de l'assistance shopping Fitizzy. Il sélectionnera dans un premier temps le vêtement convoité, puis cliquera sur l'onglet Fitizzy. Il pourra alors se connecter au service Fitizzy en rentrant ses données de connexion ou l’utiliser de façon anonyme sans connexion.

The buying assistance

The information regarding the recommended size for the chosen product will appear and will be visible by the user and only the user.

The user also has the possibility to select in his groups of friends a person to who he wants to make a gift. If the data filled by the other personn are enough and that she has made them available for the user, then the information regarding the size which will fit her best will be given. If the information are not enough, the user can send an automatic message to notify it to this person.

recommendation when buying

The user can also recommend the chosen product to one of his friends. A picture of the product will then be sent to him with an automatic message. By doucle-clicking on the received recommendation, the recipient will be redirected toward the partner's website.

The exchanges

The user and his friends can converse between each other through Fitizzy intern communication tool or even leave comments directly on the user's page.

Information of connection

Fitizzy uses cookies in order to facilitate the website access to its users and the personalization of its services. The length of the cookie is of 12 months. The user can refuse the cookie by defining the parameters of his computer. Especially, the data regarding the user's connections are analysed for statistic goals and are then destoyed.

Hypertext link

The creation of hypertext link towards the home page are authorized, all other creation of hypertext link must be dully authorized. Fitizzy has the right to ask all deletion of the hypertext link or to delete itself, at its discretion, all link that it judges non-compliant to Fitizzy's website's object or its spirit.

Hypertext link can appear on www.fitizzy.com. Fitizzy cannot be responsible either for the information given on those websites or for the use of these hypertext links by the user.

intellectual property

The elements present on this website are likely to be protected as part of the intellectual property right and copyright, especially regarding all the videos, texts, sounds, pictures and logos.

These elements are Fitizzy's property and they cannot be used or imitated by the user.

All imitation or use of one or several of these elements, as well as all total or partial imitation of the website or pictures slamming is strictly forbidden.

Fitizzy has been allowed by its partners to reproduce their logos and brands. Any use or imitation of these logos and brands by the user is also forbidden.


Fitizzy can modify at any time not only these terms of use, but also modify the website and delete all elements of the website without advising the user and without having to justify it.

Fitizzy cannot be held responsible for the deletion/modification of any element.

Personal data

In accordance with the French data protection and Freedom of information law of January 6th 1978, the data collected in the frame of this website have been declared to the CNIL. These data are collected loyally and legaly, on the basis of the information provided by the user. Some of the data are compulsory and the user cannot benefit from Fitizzy services if he do not have provided them.

The data are the subject of a computer processing dedicated to allow the user an access to Fitizzy's services. These data may be processed for statistic analyses goals and may be transfered to our partners to make the user benefit from information and offers, if the user wants it, by checking the right space when collecting his data.

Fitizzy also has the possibility to send to its user his own information. The user have a right of opposition, access and rectification of all the information about him, that he can use by contacting this email address: contact@fitizzy.com

the user can also, for legitimate reasons, be opposed to the data processing regarding him.

These data will be deleted within a week.


Fitizzy can desactivate the user's account at the end of a period of total inactivity of 12 months.

When unsuscribing, all the informations, elements and pictures linkes to the user wishing to unsuscribe are deleted.


Fitizzy will implement all the means needed for the achievement of its buying decision helping service. Fitizzy cannot be held responsible for all damage endured by the user because of the unavailability or of the malfunction of the service whatever the cause, of data loss, of consequences resulting from any virus or of an event of force majeure.

Fitizzy cannot be held responsible if the purchase made by the user do not suit him. The user cannot demand that Fitizzy reimburses the purchase and/or takes charge of the management and the costs of return of the product, as well as the indemnification of a possible damage endured by this latter. The user will directly contact the vendor for all complaint regarding his buying.

Use of the messaging space

The user is the only one responsible of the messages he relays on the messaging space on www.fitizzy.com. He especially commits not to:

  • break any regulations in effect.
  • have words contrary to public order and to good morals
  • encourage hatred and discrimination, and more generally not to show violence or aggressiveness in his written expression.
  • release information intentionally wrong or not with the purpose of harming others.
  • manipulate his identification in order to hide the origin of the message
  • advertise for websites breaking these terms of use
  • behave in a way to harm Fitizzy's image or reputation
  • make illicit advertising

moderation a posteriori

The comments being exchanged between users, Fitizzy will not proceed to any moderation a posteriori

fitizzy can delete all comments which will be against laws and regulations in effect as well as these terms of use, without informing the user who has written them. Fitizzy, for the same reason can delete the access to Fitizzy services to all wrongdoer user.

users can directly contact this email address: contact@fitizzy.com, to talk about all comments or process which break these terms of use

Fitizzy cannot be held responsible for comments published by the users.

the user admits that he has been enough informed of how works the messaging space and of its terms of use.

applicable law

these general conditions as well as the website's modes ans terms of use have been submitted to the French regulations, whatever it be the place of use. In case of dispute, the French courts will be competent

Le site www.fitizzy.com est hébergé par OVH. Le directeur de publication est Christophe Del Fabbro.

CNIL declaration n°1691424